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What We Offer

Loan Program
  • 100% of Cost up to 70% ARV:

    • Purchase Price

    • Rehab Budget

    • Seller-Paid Closing Costs*

  • 70% ARV - max loan amount based on After Repair Value

  • 10-14 Days - typical time to close (2-3 days after all docs in)

  • 6 Month Term - extensions available

*Allows minimal borrower cash-in at closing when deal structured properly - ask us how before negotiating your deals if you need help!

Purchase/Rehab Loan
  • Same terms as Fix & Flip available

  • 100% of Cost up to 70%-75% ARV

    • Up to 75% ARV with take-out approval

  • 6-12 Month Term with extensions

Deal-by-Deal Basis
  • Typical commercial deal for us, borrower puts 25%-30% of the Purchase Price into the deal, we will fund 100% of Rehab, Capital Expenditures, Etc.




Typical time from request to close is 10-14 days, but we can close within 24 hours of receiving all 3rd party docs; i.e. appraisal (if needed), title binder, property insurance. 

Simple, Hassle-Free Process

Our borrower requirements consist of 2 months' bank statements and a 640+ credit score.


Located in Birmingham, AL, and have knowledge of the market, and trusted relationships, in the areas where we lend. 


We'll earn your trust though our straightforward, transparent lending process.

Experienced Lender

You deal directly with the decision makers, and the same dedicated, expert, staff loan after loan.


About Us

Reach out and discuss your next deal today!

Southeast Private Capital ("SEPC") is a direct private mortgage lender and project funding organization, headquartered in Birmingham, AL, specializing in short-term acquisition, rehab, construction, and investment property loans for commercial and residential real estate.

With capabilities far exceeding that of banks and traditional lenders, SEPC's 'lend what we know' approach aligns with the expertise of its founder, Chris Williams, J.D., a mortgage lender, builder, developer, and project funding specialist, with 20 years of local market expertise.

Focused on providing funding for localized real estate investors, rehabbers, and builders, SEPC's relationship-oriented approach, and 'hands-on' operations, makes borrowers a partner in the process of determining capital needs for each loan request, based on their exit strategy.


SEPC's nimble operations, and 'boots on the ground' due diligence, gives borrowers the ability to close - financing up to 100% of cost - in the same time-frame as cash transactions; this also ensures borrowers receive construction/rehab draw funding within 48-72 hours, making borrowers' project capital go much farther and maximizing their ROI.


Putting borrowers in the best position to succeed; building long-term relationships for repetitive deal-flow; providing a simple, transparent process where borrowers know exactly what to expect deal after deal; and being a valuable source of expertise, over and above being a reliable source of capital, are SEPC's primary objectives.

Phone: 205-582-4047


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